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Study to Preliminary Planning Services

Co-financed by the European Union

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The study „Preliminary Planning Services new high speed rail line Dresden – Prague” which is EU funded by the TEN-T-Program has been finalized in time at the end of December 2015.

It comprises preliminary planning services for the border crossing route section between Heidenau (D) and Ústí n.L. (CZ) as well as the continuation of the route to Prague.

The main results are briefly summarized in a brochure.

Within the framework of the study DB Netz AG has drawn up a Scope of Traffic and a Time Table Study for the section Dresden - Ústí n.L.. These documents confirm the basic objectives of Saxony for this new routing.

Please find more detailed results in the presentations of the Information Event.

The new rail line will reduce travel time for passenger transport between Dresden – Prague from currently more than 2 hours to less than 1 hour, increase capacity for freight transport, reduce noise and traffic pollution in the Elbe Valley and provide a flood-safe connection to the Czech Republic.